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Multiplayer, Fast-Paced, Funny,  fun, 2D, casual,   couch game, family, indie, shooting, shooter, party game, competitive, Action, arcade 

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The Warshmallows is a local and online multiplayer game that makes you enjoy the fun of spending quality time with your family and friends but also with people from around the world by playing intense, funny, and unpredictable battles.

In a very cute universe, you will have to fight in a team or solo to be the last person or team standing. To do so, you will take control of a Warshmallow a tiny, cute, and very skilled creature with multiple abilities like triple jump, instant dash, and slowing the time to avoid bullets. To add more fun, each character you chose has his own special power which makes every battle an epic test of aiming skills, intelligence, and reflex.

Warshmallows is designed to be easy to play and fun to master.

The game’s simple controls and short game sessions will bring all the excitement of a fast-paced 2D arena shooter game in less than 10 minutes.

Short description

The Warshmallows is a multiplayer couch game that aims to bring back the fun of spending quality time with your family and friends. 

To do so, you‘ll take control of a Warshmallows with abilities like triple jump, dash and slow the time. Every match is an epic test of skills, speed, and reflex.


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